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Counseling Ministry


King’s Chapel is pleased to be able to make counseling available to both church and community members at our facility. It is our desire to offer people a place to understand and engage with their unfolding life story in a Christ-centered way. Our prayer is that hurting people would experience healing, clarity, and growth, enabling them to live more freely and fully to the glory of God. 

We currently work with several counselors in private practice who have agreed to come to Carrollton to see KCP clients. These counselors are neither church staff members or lay people. They are licensed professionals with varying degrees and practice experience. They each have their own practice policies and fee schedules, and neither participate with health insurance programs at this time. (NOTE DURING COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: Much counseling has been moved to telehealth in order to protect both counselors and clients. Please confirm the location of your session with your individual counselor.) 


Our Counselors:

Jane Forrestal (Restoration Heartwork Therapy)


Initial intake session (90 minutes) - $150

Regular sessions (60 minutes) - $120/session 

To make an appointment, click here:


Katuschka Rakovec (Oak and Vine Counseling)


Intake session (90 minutes) - $150

Regular sessions (60 minutes) - $110/session


King’s Chapel Counseling Scholarship:

 Counseling is a significant personal investment of both time and money. King’s Chapel is pleased to be able to help defray a percentage of the cost of counseling for an approved number of visits with our partner counselors.

**Please submit these forms to Andrew Hendley at  

Scholarship Application - Jane Forrestal

Scholarship Application - Katuschka Rakovec

This scholarship does not cover the cost of any initial intake evaluations. The scholarship is also never applied retroactively, so if you apply but attend counseling sessions before receiving your award email, the cost of those premature sessions will be your full responsibility. Your safest financial recourse is to wait to schedule until you have received your email award notification.

If you have already used your allotted number of sessions, you may choose to renew the scholarship using the renewal form below.

Renewal Form 

**Please submit this renewal form to Andrew Hendley at   

It is our hope that this scholarship removes some financial barriers that may keep you from pursuing the healing, hope, and freedom that the Lord can provide through counseling.

If you have any further questions on counseling or the King's Chapel Counseling Scholarship, please contact the church administrator, Meredith Hendley at  and she will direct you to more information.